Bro. Mike Britt

Church Hill Baptist Church – Augusta, ME

In the ministry, there are many challenges; one of them is trying to sum up my wonderful experience with CreationDesigns in just a few short words. It’s clear that in our current age, there is a technological gap between many solid churches and the people they are attempting to reach. CreationDesigns, for us, filled that gap. With Ryan’s help, we have abandoned our drab, boring, unprofessional, (and very expensive) website and now have an exciting, sharp, colorful, and impressive gateway to our church. It was great to see recently that on our visitor card under the “how did you hear about us?” section, a man had written down the word “internet.” That may not have happened with our old, unattractive website, in my estimation.

It is clear to me that CreationDesigns possesses a sterling commitment to both quality and affordability. Our website doesn’t look like it was thrown together by someone with only cursory knowledge of websites. It doesn’t look like a website built by a template that is in use by hundreds of other sites. No, it looks like it was carefully custom-made by a professional designer — because it was. But what isn’t as apparent is the fact that we pay virtually nothing every month for this website, and our love offering to CreationDesigns was graciously accepted as payment for the hard work that was put into our website design.

Finally, let me implore you to consider the ramifications of having a solid, gorgeous website. How many souls is it worth to you to have a website that would bring lost folks in the doors of your church, where they may not have come otherwise? Is it worth 20 souls? 10 souls? Just one soul? I assure you, what little cost goes into the website is worth what will come out of it. And not only is there an evangelistic benefit to a polished website, but there is another benefit as well: when your members see that you are striving for excellence in all aspects of the Lord’s work, I believe it will encourage them to do the same.

God bless as you consider CreationDesigns for your website needs.

Pastor Michael Austin

West A Tabernacle Baptist Church – Kannapolis, NC

Creation Designs has done an excellent job meeting the needs of our ministry.  They were very quick to communicate back with us, very helpful, have great creativity and most importantly they want to use their talent and abilities for the greatest work in all the world: the gospel.  In the beginning I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, yet they were still able to help come up with a solution, which is something that was not happening with the first design company I called.  Their work is of great quality and they have been Very pleasant to work with!



Bro. Ron Cox

New Testament Baptist Church – Tucson, AZ – Pastor J. C. Joiner
Dear Ryan,
For several months I had been looking to upgrade our website at New Testament Baptist Church in Tucson. I talked with people who could help us build a site. I also started looking at sites I liked and I found one that I particularly like, and it was created by Creation Designs. I filled out the info packet and soon started communicating with Ryan Rench. Even though I wanted to upgrade our site I was nervous about actually stepping out to do it. Once he found out what we wanted, he was able to help me understand how to go about changing our website to a different server and how to build the site while still keeping the other site open. Creation Designs did a fantastic job of quickly building our site. I wanted to learn how to do the things Ryan was doing, so I did some reading on my own. Ryan was also very good about answering my questions, so that I wouldn’t have to be dependent upon him once the site was built. While the site was being built I was able to add some things on my own. He helped me feel confident. I had started talking to Ryan around Thanksgiving. Once I felt confident Creation Designs would build what we wanted I got Pastor Joiner’s approval, then before we knew it the site was built. We had it up and running before the new year. I’ve added and edited pages, and now I’ve started my own blog. The software, WordPress, is very easy to use. I haven’t had any previous training in building websites, though I have had experience with computers and different software, but now I feel fairly comfortable with WordPress to be able to do the things we need to do to keep the site updated. Another benefit to using WordPress is that I can log on on any computer to do what I need to do. I don’t need any special software on the computer besides a web browser.
Our old site was just static pages and a list of approximately 20 sermons that people could download. We were paying a lot of money for the old site and only getting a little space that our sermons were taking up. Now, using the servier that Ryan recommended, we are only paying about six dollars a month for unlimited space. I have uploaded over 150 sermons, so now we don’t have to take a sermon off to put one on. This new site is more user friendly with the ability for people to leave comments or ask for information. Many times people get to where they want to go on the site with just one mouse click. We have a much better site and we are saving money at the same time! We are in the process of getting pictures of staff and ministry leaders taken, so that we can post those to the site.
We are getting a lot of activity on this new site. I hope to see visitors to our church from it. Also, the sermon page is getting quite a workout.This new site will help to give people a first good impression of our church. It has just now been one week since we opened it, but I believe that this site will be a great asset to our ministry. I would recommend Creation Designs to anyone wanting to begin or improve their site. Pastor Joiner and the staff here are very pleased with the change we have made.

Pastor Chad Quinn

West Valley Baptist Church – Nampa, ID
CreationDesign was a great help in getting some kinks worked out of our website and getting sermons online. I appreciate their professionalism and prompt responses. I highly recommend them to anyone who desires to have a low cost, high quality church website.


CREATION DESIGNS is a ministry to help churches and people with websites and graphics.


CD started with a couple Heartland Baptist Bible College graduates who desired to create websites in their spare time and has since expanded to become a ministry.


With the desire to see churches start or expand their current websites, CD wants to help by:
  • Hosting setup
  • Website startup
  • Full setup of website
  • Training on web creation
  • Training on website “upkeep”

The main goals of CD are:
  • For churches to have quality, appealing, professional and informative websites
  • For each church to have one member who will commit to maintaining the website
  • For each church to involve others (teens, homeschool moms, ministry leaders, etc.)


I guess you could say our “niche” would be those pastors and ministries associated with Calvary Baptist Church, Temecula, CA; however, that does NOT exclude other interested parties. Please let us know if we can help.


Ryan Rench is the main designer and coordinator of Creation Designs. He is a Heartland Baptist Bible College graduate and has taken up graphics as a hobby. Hoping to help what he sees as a need, he purchased Creation Designs and has been assisting churches in web and graphics since 2008. Garret Rench, has also been involved in Creation Designs and works on website creation projects as needed.


We want to treat CD as a ministry, not a job. While I would certainly enjoy compensation for my work, I am not in it totally for the money. Creation Designs will help you with your web or graphics job, and all we ask in return (besides any reimbursements) is a simple love-offering type of compensation. Any amount is a blessing… as long as you’re not taking advantage of us. :)