Our Services


I’d be very happy to assist you in any way that I can. Because of personal time limitations due to my current ministries, each new job will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


We always prefer to start from scratch, providing a fresh, new look and a clean slate for new ideas. Most websites we work on were built from the ground up on the WordPress platform, and it is very easy to master for any user once it’s set up.


Maybe you would like a fresh look but already have WordPress installed on your system. If you would like to make a few changes or updates, let us know and we would be glad to update it for you.


We are available to answer any questions you might have about your host, WordPress options, theme ideas, plugins and more. Email us now and we will contact you as soon as we can!



Creation Designs is a ministry to help churches produce quality graphics and websites, and we do not exist to sign you up for a long-term maintenance plan. In fact, we don’t WANT to oversee your website! These days, because of the ease of communication, the technology available, and the young generation that is eager to learn it, we desire that you allow Creation Designs to train someone to handle the church website themselves.

Many similar companies charge for hosting services, maintenance, data storage, picture uploads and more. Various plans range anywhere from $25/mo. (some of the lowest prices we’ve seen) to over $100/mo. for services that could easily be managed “in-house.”

We recommend you use Bluehost.com because of all of its amazing features. For under $7/mo. you get:

  • Unlimited Storage (good for sermon uploads)
  • Unlimited Email Accounts (for missions, pastor, info, events, staff…)
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting (on ONE paid account you can have as many websites as you want. i.e. www.YOURCHURCH.com, www.BIGEVENT.com, www.YOURYOUTH.com etc.)
  • GREAT 24/7 customer service (I’ve used them a lot!)
  • No extra charges for various software. Free WordPress setup, free forum software, free database software, free Google software, etc.
Once Creation Designs does your initial setup and reports on the time spent, you can determine the one-time compensation and then… it’s all yours! No more monthly fees to a website company.




Click here to visit our “Pricing” page.


CREATION DESIGNS is a ministry to help churches and people with websites and graphics.


CD started with a couple Heartland Baptist Bible College graduates who desired to create websites in their spare time and has since expanded to become a ministry.


With the desire to see churches start or expand their current websites, CD wants to help by:
  • Hosting setup
  • Website startup
  • Full setup of website
  • Training on web creation
  • Training on website “upkeep”

The main goals of CD are:
  • For churches to have quality, appealing, professional and informative websites
  • For each church to have one member who will commit to maintaining the website
  • For each church to involve others (teens, homeschool moms, ministry leaders, etc.)


I guess you could say our “niche” would be those pastors and ministries associated with Calvary Baptist Church, Temecula, CA; however, that does NOT exclude other interested parties. Please let us know if we can help.


Ryan Rench is the main designer and coordinator of Creation Designs. He is a Heartland Baptist Bible College graduate and has taken up graphics as a hobby. Hoping to help what he sees as a need, he purchased Creation Designs and has been assisting churches in web and graphics since 2008. Garret Rench, has also been involved in Creation Designs and works on website creation projects as needed.


We want to treat CD as a ministry, not a job. While I would certainly enjoy compensation for my work, I am not in it totally for the money. Creation Designs will help you with your web or graphics job, and all we ask in return (besides any reimbursements) is a simple love-offering type of compensation. Any amount is a blessing… as long as you’re not taking advantage of us. :)