Getting Started

1. Sign Up for Hosting.

To have a website you need a place to store of all your pictures, links, and content. This is called the host, and Creation Designs primarily uses a $5/mo. service which includes MANY features (see “What You Get” page for features).

To get started, simply click here or the button below and follow the instructions for signing up.

(Note: Creation Designs receives an affiliate fee from Bluehost, but the account features and price are exactly the same for you the user.) 

A few things to note:

  • Strong Password. You’ll be required to enter a strong password including an upper and lower case letter, a symbol and a number.
  • Addons. They’ll try to sell you some addon features. For now, ignore these options unless you feel you need them. They can always be added later.
  • Credit Card. The hosting fee is calculated monthly but charged annually. You can set your card to be the default payment option for recurring hosting fees.

Once your account is set up you will share your login info with Creation Designs and we can begin immediately on the background and content setup. We will insert dummy content if it is a fresh site, or we will copy your current site’s information to the new site if it’s a website “redo.”

To get started with the hosting, click below:

Sign Up



2. Choose Your Theme.

If a particular theme from our portfolio page catches your eye, please let us know and we can probably duplicate and customize that look to meet your needs.

  • Logo. Please provide a church logo if you have one. This will give us a basis for a color and font scheme to go on.
  • Colors. Many themes have several different color variations built in. Please choose the color scheme you would like.

If none of the themes from the portfolio page meet your needs, choose from the thousands of options available at WordPress theme sites such as

View Portfolio


CREATION DESIGNS is a ministry to help churches and people with websites and graphics.


CD started with a couple Heartland Baptist Bible College graduates who desired to create websites in their spare time and has since expanded to become a ministry.


With the desire to see churches start or expand their current websites, CD wants to help by:
  • Hosting setup
  • Website startup
  • Full setup of website
  • Training on web creation
  • Training on website “upkeep”

The main goals of CD are:
  • For churches to have quality, appealing, professional and informative websites
  • For each church to have one member who will commit to maintaining the website
  • For each church to involve others (teens, homeschool moms, ministry leaders, etc.)


I guess you could say our “niche” would be those pastors and ministries associated with Calvary Baptist Church, Temecula, CA; however, that does NOT exclude other interested parties. Please let us know if we can help.


Ryan Rench is the main designer and coordinator of Creation Designs. He is a Heartland Baptist Bible College graduate and has taken up graphics as a hobby. Hoping to help what he sees as a need, he purchased Creation Designs and has been assisting churches in web and graphics since 2008. Garret Rench, has also been involved in Creation Designs and works on website creation projects as needed.


We want to treat CD as a ministry, not a job. While I would certainly enjoy compensation for my work, I am not in it totally for the money. Creation Designs will help you with your web or graphics job, and all we ask in return (besides any reimbursements) is a simple love-offering type of compensation. Any amount is a blessing… as long as you’re not taking advantage of us. :)